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"I'd place Joseph at the forefront of public speaking in horticulture in America today." -- Panayoti Keladis, Senior Curator, Denver Botanic Gardens

In all my talks, I combine rigorous, science-based information with a lot of silly jokes. My goal is for everyone to laugh and learn something new and useful, no matter their skill level or experience as a gardener, and have fun while doing so.


Some titles of my recent talks include:

How to Stop Killing Your Houseplants

Grow Food: A guide to your first vegetable garden

Soil Problems and How to Solve Them
Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener
Rock Gardening: Reimagining a Classic Style for Today's Garden
Confessions of a Plant Nerd
Shopping for Plants like a Pro
Plants, Pollinators, and your Garden
How Plants got their Stripes: The Science of Variegated and Patterned Leaves
How Genetic Engineering Works: Understanding the Science, not the Controversy

Great, Non-wimpy, Plants... You Don't Already Grow

Dealing With Your Hosta Addiction: Cool Alternatives for the Shade Garden

To book me to speak email gsparrowgardens at gmail dot com

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Joseph Tychonievich

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