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Iris x norrisii (aka x Pardancanda norrisii)

Breeding goals


Iris x norrisii aka x Pardancanda norrisii aka Candy Lilies aka Norris Iris aka a bunch of other things is a hybrid between Iris domestica (formerly Belamcanda chinensis) and Iris dichotoma (formerly Pardanthopsis dichotoma). These two species have very different flowers, and the hybrids produce flowers in a dizzying array of forms, colors, and patterns. I think there is enormous potential to select new, exciting forms of this hybrid species. 


The great appeal of Iris x norrisii is the enorous color range. Seed lots tend to be dominated by yellow-orange forms, but good purples, reds, and pinks are easily found, and I'd like to push the colors to blue, white, brown, green, and explore the great potential for complex bi- and tri-colored blooms.

I'm focused mainly on selecting for large flowers with very broad, rounded petals which give a fuller, more eye-catching look than the typical narrow petaled forms. I've also identified some seedlings with extra petals which are, frankly, pretty ugly, but I think have potential to be bred into attractive double flowered forms.

Many selections of Iris x norrisii are short lived, only persisting a few years in the garden. This is variable, so it is possible to select for long-lived forms, which I am doing. However, breeding for long-life is inherently time-consuming, requiring the breeder to wait for years to see which plants persist, so I've accepted that my early selections will probably be short lived, and aiming to increase perenniality in future generations.

Can I buy them?

Eventually I'd like to start selling my selections, but I'm still very early in the breeding process so it will probably be a number of years before I am able to.

Joseph Tychonievich

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